During that tearful moment, at the age of 4, when she was informed her toy Fisher Price Camera did not take real pictures, photography became Janette Pellegrini’s life.  Always with camera in hand, Janette approaches each occasion as if a fly on the wall.  She accurately observes her surroundings and then captures specific moments in time that are both visually exciting and tells a story.  Considering herself to be the client’s personal historian, she has the exceptional talent of collecting candid images that when put together form an interesting narrative of the event.


Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Janette attended college at Hofstra University where she received a BA in Fine Arts, concentrating in Photography.  Since then she has made a living working as a freelance photographer. Some of the places she shoots for include Getty Images, Hofstra University, Herald Community Newspapers, Sportography and Lifetouch.